Summer Music Festivals?

all of my music friends out there are very aware of how expensive it is pursung music as a career. i wish i could just win the lottery and put it all in my matress and pull however much i needed when i needed it. unfortunately, that isnt very realstic. :(

i was recently accepted into the brevard music festival with a pretty decent scholarship , but i still owe a pretty large amount of money for the tuition. so far i have set up a donation site (http://www.gofundme.com/brevardstarringalyson), ive been doing a lot of street performing, and attempted bake sale (i said “attempt” because i didnt realize i was so bad at baking D:)

if anyone has any ideas, please feel free to share.

also, if anyone knows of any organizations, small businesses, rich old people (just kidding), friends or family that would be willing to help out in any way, i would be thrilled………… but im more focused on finding ideas on how i can fundraise

  1. dblbassed answered: Call Brevard and ask if they can get you more money. The worst that can happen is they say no. Also, there are tons of smaller festivals.
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    Help this musician out! Funds are tight and generosity never goes unnoticed.
  3. partialghosts answered: gig like an SOB, if you can. if you’re willing to put up with playing music you may not like, that’s a solution. put up a contact note in —>
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